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Alex Salmond (Scotland's First Minister)

I was delighted to listen to Scots Wha Hae, and commend you on successfully and sympathetically updating the song. I am generally used to hearing the tune played as a slow air, so the faster tempo of your version is very refreshing

Hamish Douglas Burgess (Maui Celtic Radio) Great track 'The Piper O'Dundee' and fine album. One of the best versions ever of 'Scots Wha Hae'. Cheers !
Alice Vetter (USA) Bought your album on iTunes! Thanks for the beautiful story telling through song!
Christine Kezell (USA) Bill, WOW ! Your CD is awesome! The clarity is outstanding- you do have a gorgeous voice. ALL the instruments you play , what crazy good musical abilities !
 Of course I do have my favorites, the penny whistle , bodrhan , and of course the clappy clapping .
Charles Feeney (Australia) I got the CD yesterday - and it's great!
Jayne Appleton (England) I'm off to work now but at least I have your music to get me through the day x
Larry Lewman (USA) Your CD is awsome!!! - we just love it!!! Your live performances are just the best - your personality really shines through, I can see you are having fun, and so are we!
Valerie Robertson (England) Marvelous CD - my feet were tapping and I was singing along - loved it!

Steve Behrens (USA - 67 Music)

Two Words - You Rock!
Tim Hallrud (USA) Thank you Bill. I had a wonderful time full of laughter and good cheer. Your CD is super
Joe DeLettera (USA) I listened to the samples on Bill Mullen's site and then I purchased the album. Real good tunes!
Ann McKenzie (Scotland) Well done, sounds really good. Got it on Amazon today.
Chris Hatzi (USA) Bill is by far the most talented musician we have the pleasure of calling a friend. We can't wait until Bill's first album is released! You won't want to miss it!
Valerie Mullen (USA) My dad's CD release is today at Mahers Lake Oswego at 4! If you're into Celtic music, or your parents are, or your neighbor is, please come along or tell them to! Seeing Dad live is one thing, but the CD really showcases all his other musical talents: namely, playing a crapton of other instruments besides the guitar. You can't play backup penny whistle while singing live, but you can on a CD. (And "Fields of Athenry" sounds really, really good with some backup penny whistling.)
Ron de Lettera (USA) If my spreadsheet is accurate, I've just logged my 1033rd CD into my collection between jazz legends Jelly Roll Morton and Gerry Mulligan. #1033 is "The Beginning," the debut CD by Scottish legend Bill Mullen. It's a great disc of wonderful Irish and Scottish folk tunes. To me, the difference between Jelly Roll, Gerry, and Bill is that the others were just your ordinary music legends. I have the good fortune to call Bill, and his fine family, friends. If you love Irish and Scottish folk tunes, please give Bill's CD a listen. You can learn about Bill, sample tunes from "The Beginning," and more importantly, buy the CD, or a spanking 21st century download.
Cathi Behrens The album is great and it's so fun to sing along with. It's like being in the pub! A comfort album for me. :-) I enjoy how each song brings something different to the mix too. Most people have others play other instruments on their albums, but Bill doesn't have to because he plays them all! Amazing!!



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