Update May 17th 2018

Hello again... it's been a while!!

I've been on Florida time all year, where there's always tomorrow to put off today's tasks. It's been great, enjoying the sun, playing, living in a house, eating, drinking... then one day you wake up and wow- we're on the road again in a week!! Time to get caught up

My Next Shows are June 8th & 15th 8pm at McAuliffes Pub, Racine, Wisconsin

News for Portland, Oregon ...

Buckle up and get ready for a big Feckin Party in the Feckin Brewery

on July 13th - watch this !!!


So, how do you sum up the last few months... this collage may give you the idea




Quick Update

It's been a great sunny blob of time since we last were in touch. We've been in Florida most of the time (apart from a week in Wisconsin after Dorothy & I became grandparents! So welcome Coralynn Marie Mullen!).

This year I have played two radio shows, ran the Burns night at Nolans Irish pub, played there on their outside stage on St Patricks day itself and have been playing a lot of great venues North, South, East and West of Florida while enjoying this beautiful weather. I love it

For more details of where I've been, I do a wee summary after each gig - it's on the front page of, keep scrolling

And... it's time to head off again... next week we will head North (via Paul & Kylie's wedding on St John's Island, SC) to Milwaukee, WI for a month, Portland, OR the next month, back to Milwaukee then back to Florida in September.

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What's new?

In June I'll be in Wisconsin at McAuliffes, Racine and the House of Guinness, Waukesha... both new venues for me with great reputations for good music.

End of June and July, I'll play a swadge of gigs including : the Galway Bay in Ocean Shores; Mahers, Lake Oswego; Nolans Irish pub in Lake Oswego (private event); T C O'Learys,

The Feckin Brewery, Dont miss this one!!

The Bethany Public House ; Garden Vineyards and finish it all off with

The Portland Highland Games. I'll be playing on the main stage 10am-11am and in the VIP area 1pm to 2pm... inbetween times, I'll be wandering around playing here and there. It's a great event!

So, the summer's going to be busy and a tremendous amount of fun. Keep an eye on and

I keep them up to date

Newsletters There is a feature on my website - you can see the previous newsletter updates going back to August 2014. Each new newsletter is archived there.


Anything Else?

Later in the year (October), we'll be in Scotland, so look out for a gig in the Clep Bar in Dundee... it seems ages since I was there. I'll also be in the Netherlands in November - for any ex-Apple-folks it looks like the Back in Town is the place to be on Saturday November 17th - for an Apple Apeldoorn Reunion - I'll be there.


Have a great Summer !!!


And finally... here's my list of next gigs...






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