Update November 30th 2016


We are resting in Florida

After a hectic Summer and great time in Oregon and Washington, Dorothy and I are enjoying some sun and sand before we head off to Scotland for Christmas

HAPPY St ANDREWS DAY - November 30th



No extra last-minute shows have appeared in Florida - which is a shame but not bad - well maybe bad for Dorothy and our neighbors down here - I'm using the time to polish up my banjo skills - hahaha - that's going to take a lot of polish!

We head for Scotland on 13th December and I will be playing in the Clep Bar, Dundee, on Friday Dec 16th at 8pm with my pal Pat Ferrie. I have also arranged a couple of afternoon concerts at two of the care homes I play when I'm home. One of them, Wellburn, was where my mum ended her days. She enjoyed the concerts there and its nice to keep up the tradition.

At the end of December we head to Ugchelen, NL - I'll bring in the New Year at Freddys bar and start January well with a gig in my favourite Dutch pub - The Café Back in Town, Ugchelen Friday January 6th 2017.

(see the end of the newsletter for all my confirmed up-coming shows)




My Birthday - fun in the Rum Boogie Cafe with my pal Fred (of Freddy's bar) and great Blues musician and vocalist - Jeff Jensen


To Celebrate St Andrew's day - click the picture and download my version of Scots Wha Hae - the Scottish National Anthem ... FREE


Kyle and Lauren - Wisconsin wedding in February - Hooray !! Just enough time to learn "The Scotsman"

Quick Update

Most of November has been spent travelling from Washington / Oregon to Florida. It was a great trip with so much to see along the way.

I spent my Birthday in Memphis enjoying some blues while in the real world, the USA voted. As a green-card holder, I get to pay tax but not to vote - so I take no blame nor credit for the result of your election. I did however, become a year older.

We travel to Scotland Dec 13th and will be there until Dec 30th. As I said, I will play in the Clep, Wellburn and the Orchar. Dorothy's sister Fiona will become (can I really say it?) 50 (there, I said it!) and we will celebrate Fiona's birthday and Dorothy's mum & dad's 60th wedding anniversary too.

After Scotland, it's off to the Netherlands for a great New Years Party at Freddy's bar and when we've all recovered a new year celebration at the Café Back in Town on Jan 6th 2017.

Then it's back to Florida where we'll drive to Cape Canaveral and I'll be playing a few weekends at Nolan's Irish pub, Cocoa Beach and a Burns Night for the Norse & Celtic society.

In February, our son Kyle, who is now the proud owner of a USA visa will marry his lovely fiancée Lauren in Wisconsin - we will, of course, be there and enjoy a great family time - freezing cold February will not stop us!

After Wisconsin, we will travel back to Florida, then head over to San Diego, park our RV then fly to Honolulu to celebrate St Patrick's week until we drop (high risk of that!). The schedule in Honolulu is still being put together - but I know it will be a ton of fun!

I'm hoping for some Hawaiian sun before we head to San Diego (waiting to hear of a gig there) then it's up to Portland, OR for a week - I will play Friday April 21st in Mahers Irish Pub, Lake Oswego and am looking forward to seeing our friends and pub-goers there, it's just a short visit - but it'll be fun

After Portland, mid April, we're heading off to the Netherlands for a few months with a couple of visits to Dundee while we're there - stuff to take care of and hopefully I can line up some gigs there too.

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What's new?

I'm already confirmed on the Galway Bay 2017 Celtic Festival which will again be running from Tuesday to Sunday (October 24th to 29th). I will also play a weekend at the pub when I return from Europe - that's August 11th & 12th

While we've been travelling across the USA at least my CDs have been working and earning money - thanks to all who have bought them on-line, I received a nice iTunes payment recently. It's also a good Christmas present idea! Click here for the iTunes Store, you can also get a CD sent to you from CD Baby

Both CDs have been played on Maui Celtic radio in the last month - it's a thrill to see my songs on the same playlist as bands and musicians I admire.

I'm excited to be able to go and see Dave Arcari play live in Dundee at Clarkes on Thursday Dec 15th. Dave's a good pal - this is the first time I'll see him playing live (if you don't count sozzled on the bonny bonny banks of Loch Lomond!)

I will also be in Dundee for Big Tam's 60th birthday party on 17th December - that will be great I'm sure. I'm looking forward to telling Tam how often his song has been requested... I'll be packing my kazoo too!

During the day of the 17th I will be in Glasgow with my cousins Kristina and Kay visiting our uncle David and his family - I'm really looking forward to that, it'll be the first time we meet each other.

If you know someone who would like to book me, contact my Tour Manager extraordinaire - Michelle, by clicking here

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I'll be back at the Galway Bay Celtic Festival in 2017


Big Tam - I'll be at his 60th birthday party- it'll be great!



Anything else?

So that's it for another month, we're in Fort Myers Beach, Florida right now, next month I'll be writing this from Dundee, Scotland - I wish you all a Merry Christmas when it comes.




And finally... here's my list of next gigs...




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