Update September 1st 2016



The Next Performances :

Friday September 9th Mahers Lake Oswego 7pm



Sunday September 11th Garden Vineyards, Hilsboro, Oregon 2 to 6pm


This is my 1st time at the Garden Vinyards - it has lovely areas to relax in and great atmosphere you will enjoy, come along and have some delicious Oregon Wine & Food




Good friend Chris Hatzi enjoying Friday evening at Mahers


Some clapping going on at the Feckin Brewery


Quick Update

August has been a different month for me, it srarted with a double hernia operation (all planned) followed by 5 weeks of recuperation.

I'm very happy to say that the operation was a success and I'm glad to have that experience behind me. It has all worked out great (so far) and I'm gaining strength again after those weeks of recovery.

Of course, I wasn't really doing nothing all those weeks- I was immobile mostly, but my hands weren't. I've been busy re-doing a lot of my website, creating posters, business cards , writing my story and song book and working withPaypal to be able to take orders directly on-line in preparation for the Album release on September 18th.

I listened to the album most days and am enjoying it, it's quite an upbeat sound with songs which tell a story. I'm very happy with it.

Last weekend I had my first gigs after the operation. I had Friday evening at Mahers and Saturday at the Feckin Brewery. It all went really well - crowds enjoyed their evenings and I got through all my sets unscathed. I was however totally wiped out on the Friday after Mahers. I can't remember being so worn out after playing. I was so happy to get to bed that night, I expected to be wrecked in the morning... but hooray! I was fine again!

The Saturday was an easier gig at the Feckin Brewery as I was on the same bill as Albi Almeida - "The happy enchillada". He did a great job and it was a pleasure to play on the same bill with him and his brother (who also did a spot).

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What's new?

My main focus is getting the album released. I would be very, very happy to see a big crowd of you at the release concert.

The Feckin Brewery taproom will be all set out with rows of chairs in concert style. The event starts at 3pm. Folks will be able to get Feckin Beer, they have cider, wine and other things too. Dave Maher will also have the barbecure going for some Feckin burgers.

Entry charge is $15 per group - but for that you get the CD and the Story and Song book. We're charging per group as couples of families don't need a CD each - but we'll be happy to sell you more if you want them. The CDs are $15 each, extra books are $5.

Each of the songs has its own story, character and reason for existence. Remember, these are the ones which made it to the album - many others didn't. As I go through the afternoon playing the songs from the album, I will also tell their story. I'm hoping that you will enjoy them and get the full experience of hearing the background, the struggles, tears and laughs I had along the way pulling the project together.

I will take a couple of breaks during the show and we will play the songs you just heard over the sound system, so you will hear the live and recorded versions. This will also give you a chance to top up on your Feckin beer and burger supplies.

67 Music, Celtic Music Promotions, Steve Behrens and John Keys, will be at the Album release concert supporting me and adding their weight to the event. You can see their latest Celtic Music Journal here - courtesy of Steve and Cathi.

I also promise to remember my sharpie pens and will be happy to sign your CD covers and / or song books.

My new website will also go on-line then and you will be able to download the album straight from my site. For every download, you will also be able to download a PDF (digital version) of the story and song book. The stories are very descriptive - so you will get the best listening and reading experience I can get you.

The album will also be available through CD Baby - they will ship a physical CD to you anywhere in the world or give you a download from their site. You will be able to download single tracks or the full album from them - but they will not have the songbook.

iTunes is all set to give downloads, they also offer a pre-release feature - so the album is already visible there. If you order it from them as a pre-release, you will get one song (Big Tam) downloaded when you sign up. Here is the iTunes link

Again - the album release will be a show to remember - you won't regret spending that Sunday afternoon with me.

I've put a list of my bookings at the end of the newsletter

If you know someone who would like to book me, contact my Tour Manager extraordinaire - Michelle, by clicking here

Newsletters There is a feature on my website - you can see the previous newsletter updates going back to August 2014. Each new newsletter is archived there


poster1I have two new posters which I'll be using for the release


Anything else?

You probably noticed that this newsletter has changed style a bit - this is the style of the new Album cover and website. It has it's charm but I got a lot of wood splinters putting it together.

I will be appearing on KMUZ radio, 107 & 88.5 FM which serves the Salem and Keizer areas. I will be on the Celtic Music hour on Friday September 16th at 7pm PST with Ann and Beth who run the show. I will talk about and push the Album release while sharing some wandering scotsman travel stories and generally solving the problems of the universe.



And finally... here's my list of next gigs...




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