Update May 31 2016

Travelling through The Rocky Mountains Currently in Wyoming

June is a month of recording my new album "Stories and Dreams"

Next appearance is in Galway Bay Irish Pub Ocean Shores Washington, Independence Day weekend July 1st, 2nd & 3rd 8 pm each day



.. nolanLast night in Nolans this year


... Me with my pal Pat Ferrie in the Clep Bar, Dundee, Scotland


... Bill O'Rourke and I combining the joys of Whisky with music

orchar2orchar2 ... Playing in the Orchar Nursing home

fish. ...Freshly fried Scottish Haddock - delicious!

Dave. ... Dave Arcari, whisky fuelled and belting it out

elvisjig. ... There's no stopping the Irish Ladies


... The Happy Couple

Quick Update

Since my last update (April 4) I have finished up my Florida gigs at Nolans Irish Pub, been in Scotland for 2 weeks, started the journey cross-USA from Florida to Oregon, stopping off to see Nashville, Memphis, play a wedding in Las Vegas, Nevada and now we are in the High Desert of Wyoming.

So, back to Florida, I finished off the series of Nolan's gigs on Saturday April 9th, it was a fine end to a great time in a great place.

There was a great showing from the Norse Celtic society of Florida - all kilted! The gentleman on stage with me in the picture is the chairman - they have booked me to play Burns night for them in 2017 (Jan 25th of course).

I agreed another four dates with Nolans in Jan & Feb 2017. We were also able to book a great RV site right at Cocoa Beach for when we're there - nice!.

After Florida, we flew from Orlando to Scotland (via Iceland - great route). It was lovely to see family and friends again and of course, a few gigs in Dundee.

The Clep Bar was a riot - we played one of my new songs "Big Tam" ... as a tribute to / surprise for Big Tam, one of the Clep "Larger than Life" characters. He (and the folk in the Clep) loved it, we ended up playing it twice. There's a rough and rowdy version from that night when you click the pic.

Bill O'Rourke is a Scottish folk musician and friend of mine from Dundee, I visited him one evening and enjoyed some great whisky, food, wine... and we had a wee jam session. I ended up with some great suggestions of little known Scottish songs to learn. And a pretty sound hangover!

Every time I return to Dundee I like to play in Wellburn nursing home where my mum lived (and where Bill O'Rourke plays every 2nd Monday)- I didn't manage to play there this time, but I did do a show in the Orchar Home in Broughty Ferry, near Dundee. It was very nice!

It's a pleasure to see the residents come alive under the influence of music - it's magical. It's also a great opportunity for me to play old Scottish favourites that we all know and love - and everyone knows the words!

One of the great things about playing in the Orchar is the fantastic view over the river Tay - Broughty Ferry is where Dorothy and I first lived after we were married, almost 38 years ago. I love the seaweedy-salty air, the seagulls, the swans, the castle... oh and the delicious fish and chips!!! The perfect after-gig treat!

We were also lucky enough to get over to Loch Lomond (courtesy of our daughter Valerie and her husband Shady who provided the transport (and excellent company)). We met up with our friends Margaret MacDonald and Dave Arcari.

The last time we were with them, we over-indulged more than a wee bit - so we took it easy this time ... Hahaha - who am I kidding. Dave had smoked pork butt and chicken - they were absolutely perfect - washed down with a nice smoky Lagavulin 16 year old whisky... it's hard to beat!

Dave is a very talented Blues singer / slide guitarist - and banjo belter. He plays big venues and travels extensively. He visited us in Florida last year when they were on their way to the South by South West music festival in Austin, TX.

He played us a few tunes when things were all flowing well on the whisky river - it's the first time I've heard him live - he was great. If you get a chance to see him - you should go! He is musical energy in a beard.

After Loch Lomond and a quick visit with Mark and Alison in Edinburgh, we headed back to Orlando to begin our treck back to the Pacific NorthWest. We had great weather in Scotland (for Scotland), even so it was great to discard the leather jacket and jeans and get back into T-shirt and shorts in Florida.

Our trip became a wee bit more intense as we headed North and West just managing to avoid the tornados, hail and floods which had decided to attack the South. We made it to Dallas Texas, parked up our RV and took the plane to Las Vegas to be at the wedding of Mark & Heidi Maher ... and play there.

I was extra pleased to be there as we thought we couldn't make it, our route just wouldn't work. Then we discovered Google flights - it's fantastic - you can see, in a map, the flights for all airports and cost to your destination - Dallas and Southwest airlines worked and we booked it!

Southwest are a great airline! They let me take my big jumbo guitar (the same as Elvis is holding in the pic) in its big case as hand baggage both flights! Without one grumble or complaint. Try doing that on most other flights.

On the Friday evening just after we arrived in Vegas, we met up with the Mahers crowd in the Irish pub Ri-Ra. It wasn't long before they had me up on the stage (courtesey of the great Irish musician who was playing that night) I did a few songs ... and we had a ball!

After the wedding ceremony at the Elvis chapel of love, the party started back at the Maher's rented "Love Shack". The weather was fantastic, the beer keg was flowing, the Bride was lovely (as was the Groom) and everyone was there to have a great time. And they did.

We had the small and bigger slip jig (see the wee video) and a hearty rendition of the Rattlin Bog... and many more until we ran out of steam and called it a day - and a great day it was too. Congratulations and many happy years ahead to Mark and Heidi

It was great to spend time in Las Vegas. I had taken my wee recording gadget with me and I had my guitar and mic. So I took advantage of a few days in a multi-room apartment with some privacy,

I made good progress on the songs. They are all getting in shape and my edits are getting smaller and smaller. This time was really valuable - and it kept me away from the roulette tables!

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What's new?

Our plan is to arrive back in the Vancouver, WA / Portland OR area early June. I then start working on my album in a rehearsal room hired for the duration of the preparation and recording.

Just like my 1st album, "the Beginning" I will play all the instruments. This is a bit of a challenge this time as not all of them are with me on the tour - so there will be some heavy banjo, whistles, smallpipes and bass playing going on early June.

My gigs start up again in July with the Independence Day weekend up at the Galway Bay Irish pub in Ocean Shores, WA. I'm there the Friday to Sunday, returning back to Portland for the fireworks on the 4th July.

After the 4th July, it's full steam ahead. I have my return to Mahers, Lake Oswego on Friday July 8th, then a special appearance at O'Neils (which used to be Biddy McGraw's) at 7pm. This is a new gig for me and I would appreciate people showing up for it - I will play some of my new songs there (how's that for an incentive!)

A date to remember is the Portland Highland Games on Saturday July 16th. I will be playing there - it is always great with the games, pipes, music and of course, a wee drinkie!

The plan for the summer is shaping up - I've put a list of my bookings so far at the end of the newsletter

If you know someone who would like to book me, contact my Tour Manager extraordinaire - Michelle by clicking here

Newsletters There is a feature on my website - you can see the previous newsletter updates going back to August 2014. Each new newsletter is archived there


RiRaAppearing in Ri-Ra in the Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

vegasAt the Las Vegas wedding in the "Love Shack"

poolLife on the road is tough!

Anything else?

On the way to Texas from Florida, we stopped off in Nashville and Memphis for a few days each. Wow... we loved the music... Nashville was just bursting with great country music talent. In Memphis I was suprised at how much I enjoyed being in Graceland and getting a view into Elvis's life. The visit to Sun Studios where Elvis let rip with That's all right mama" and Rock and Roll was born was excellent. I got to sing into that very Microphone that Elvis used. It was surreal ... and a fantastic experience!




That's the closest I've been to Elvis's bodily fluids (I know how much spit goes into a microphone!)

And finally... here's my list of next gigs...


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