Update May 23rd 2015

Heading North to Halifax, Nova Scotia

Playing at Finbars Irish Pub Saturday May 30th & June 6th

2-5pm in Portland Hills and 9-11:30pm in Bedford both weeks






Quick Update

You should watch the new video I put together with clips taken from our travels - Check it out here !!!

Last update we had reached Virginia, next stop was Philadelphia then back to Scotland. It was great to see our daughter and her husband - they have settled into Dundee life in my family's old house.

One Wednesday afternoon, I headed off to Wellburn old folks home, where my mum stayed for 10 years - I have become a feature there when I'm in town. I get to play all sorts of old Scottish songs (with Irish ones for the nuns) and get people to sing along. Even those unfortunates who cant remember anything remember the words to these songs they grew up with - it's lovely to see them all brighten up.

On Friday I played in the Clep bar with my pal Pat Ferrie - it was a busy night with lots of people there - my cousins from Manchester had made the journey North, my brother and his wife from the Netherlands, my son in law (Shady)'s sister came over from Oregon early to make the gig... and friends from all over Dundee and surrounding area were there - what a great night.

While in Scotland it was great to spend some time on the Bonny, Bonny banks of Loch Lomond with Dave Arcari and Margaret McDonald (they visited us in Florida a few newsletters ago) - we all enjoyed ourselves - some a wee bit too much !

We returned to the USA and straight into Shady's grandmother's band rehearsal - balalaika, accordion, mandoline, flutes, violins, bass - I have never played any of their music (I was never good at 11/10 time) but we got along great and had fun playing together.

That weekend we headed to State College, PA to see Shady's Aunt & Uncle - and play a gig in Otto's Brewpub. It was a big crowd - and it was a Thursday ! It had been publicised as a Celtic night - so I was happy to give them just that.

The next day was our last in State College - so a jam session at Cathy & Richard's house was arranged where we enjoyed some great food, sang our hearts out, played guitar and drank our way through the evening





It was nice to see my poster actually made it to the noticeboard in Ottos - not the bathroom for a change

Ottos staff were great - they couldn't have been nicer - and they kept bringing me pints of the beer they made - wonderful place!! .. see the pic of their CEO below

We head into Canada in a few days - with no arrangement for internet possible before we get there - we may drop out the ether for a bit.

VIDEO TIME - I made a new video with clips taken from our travels - Check it out here !!!

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What's new?

Looking forward to playing in Finbars in Halifax - the owner was with his wife at one of my gigs in New Orleans - when Michelle got in touch with him - he recognised me - and booked me immediately - excellent!

I have a new gig in Dayton Ohio in the Dublin Pub Friday 26th June when we're over visiting Dorothy's cousin Alex - that should be good

Michelle is doing her best to land the rest of the gigs for May through July ... check out my website for the latest news


There is a new feature on my website - you can now see the previous newsletter updates going back to August 2014. Each new newsletter will be archived there


Anything else?


Summary... Had a great time in Dundee - the Clep was great - (Mr McEwan You will be my ruin) Wellburn home is a "must-do" now for me - coming back to the USA was very nice with all sorts of nice family events and great people to play music with. I never met Otto's CEO cat - but Cathy & Richard's cat Shadow was very nice to me.




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