Update March 19th 2015

Playing in Molly MacPherson's Scottish pub and Grill Savannah Georgia

2pm - 5pm Saturday March 21st & Sunday March 22nd Molly MacPhersons Pooler 1-3pm

then later Sunday 22nd Molly MacPhersons Richmond Hill 5-8pm



... and the St Patricks Frenzy is over. I played in Florida in...




The fun and games started Friday 13th, and continued daily until St Patrick's Day. Meehans is a great Irish pub with 3 different parts, the main bar inside, the back patio and the oyster bar upstairs.

I played on the back patio on Friday - it was a lovely sunny afternoon with tourists dropping in, tour busses passing by and waving. It was great - I played an extra hour then Chef Paul made us a special Chicken Curry.... boy that was good

On Saturday and Sunday I had special guests "the Billhooks" appearing with me, Tim & Brad did a great job, we sung songs together, they did their set, Tim played a solo fiddle and bagpipe spot (not at the same time). Brad joined me to sing during my set and the crowd loved it. I was also delighted to meet up with Steve Young (Nike) who came to see me perform on Saturday

I thought by the time I went on on St Patricks day (9pm) there would be no-one left standing (celebration starts around 10am in St Augustine) - wrong! The place was still jumping and kept going ... albeit getting slower and thinner until I stopped in the wee hours. Another Paddys day / season complete - what a great celebration.






Quick Update

Now that St Patrick's day (... well it's more of a season which gets bigger every year) is over, we took one day to recover and headed up to Savannah Georgia. It seemed like a good idea when I made the plan based on historical weather - but today we left a balmy 80 degree Florida and arrived a few hours later in cold and rainy Georgia.

The dates in Savannah are in Molly MacPherson's Scottish pubs (3 of them) all owned by Daniel from Dunoon ( the west coast of Scotland) sounds like a crazy Scotsman. When I mentioned the pubs to people in St Augustine they recognised them as great pubs with a huge whisky (no "e") collection... I think I'll fit right in.

A friend of the owner has just arrived (from the Netherlands?) he is Jock the Box ... which is a big coincidence as I have played with his buddy Mark Gilligan in Deventer, NL when I was with Feargal in our Duo Keltic Fire. Jock the Box toured with the Stranglers and opened for them at their concerts - can't wait to meet him.

We were also visited in Florida by friends Margaret McDonald and Dave Arcari - Dave was on his way to run his showcase spot in Austin Texas's South by South West (SXSW) ... a huge music festival.

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What's new?

I have dates confirmed in State College, PA (Otto's Brewpub) and Halifax , Nova Scotia (Finbars (4 gigs), Michelle is finalising a date in Washington DC and pinning down a place in Boston... plus more in the pipeline

We also have a trip to Dundee Scotland coming up in the middle of April and I'll play a gig there with my pal Pat Ferry on Friday 24th April - looking forward to seeing all the crew there again... and all our friends and family - so is Dorothy!



Anything else?

We're still on our plan for the year - it looks like this :


All that's left is to thank everyone for sending messages and facebook posts as we travel around - we still feel very connected to you all - for a full listing of dates - check out my Calendar - Portand people.. we will be back - promise!




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