Update November 12th 2014

Hi Folks

We arrived in New Orleans - temperature of 80 degrees farenheit yesterday and 54 today ... the first day I've not worn shorts this Summer ! ....(jeans Chris H, I wore jeans ...) My next gigs are :

This Friday and Saturday - 14th & 15th November IH I play from 7pm to 10pm

The Irish House, New Orleans 1432 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana 7013 ...It is about 8 minutes from the French quarter and is run by Chef Matt Murphy - it is a Gastro-pub - I'm looking forward to meeting him and playing there (and hopefully tasting some Gastro-Irish food!). He has also invited me along to their Whisky tasting on Monday - where he pairs the whisky with the food he prepares... can't wait!

Thursday 20th November OP the Old point bar in New Orleans - it's an old simple, friendly neighborhood pub a ferry ride across the Mississippi from the French Quarter. It has music every night and manages to sustain a customer review rating of 4.5 out of 5. It is a smoking bar - it'll be like going back in time.



The trip started on September 13th - here is the route plan on my blog (which I am updating as we journey on)

We've come to the end of our stay in San Antonio, Texas. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay there - I suppose when all the Texans you see on TV are crazy, you can be forgiven for thinking that's what they're like. Absolutely wrong - San Antonio was a great experience - we saw the dias de los muertos - day of the dead celebrations, I played four different venues and met many interesting people. The Texas welcome and hospitality I had heard of is not an exaggeration, we were very well received and treated very well. you can read the full story of our time in Texas (and all my other blog posts) here)

I'm also writing a travel blog which is trailing behind us, but still worth a read - this one covers our time in Boise Idaho- check out the blog post here

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What's new?

It We're putting our 2015 plans together - we will be in Florida for January and February - meeting up with Dave and Gay Maher in January when they visit family there - really looking forward to seeing them again. We're still planning to spend St Patricks week in Savannah Georgia and travel up the East coast playing and dropping in on friends and family as we go.




Me with Mike Specia owner of the Highlander Bar & Grill, San Antonio - a great guy -the Scottish Texan

Anything else?

Michelle has my 1st January 2015 booking arranged - in Nolan's Irish pub Coaco Beach, Florida - looking forward to the sunny winter gigs!




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